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Bison Lawns Prairie Village, KS
Lawn Fertilization & Weed Control in Prairie Village, KS

Lawn Care in Prairie Village, KS

Bison Lawns proudly provides the residents of Prairie Village, KS with superior lawn fertilization & weed control services. Let us help you create the lawn you've always wanted with one of our uniquely designed lawn care packages.

Lawn Fertilization and Weed Control Prairie Village, KS

Our uniquely designed lawn care programs will help you get the most out of your soil by using a combination of balanced fertilizers and organic products to promote a healthy growing environment for your Prairie Village, KS lawn.

Lawn Aeration Prairie Village, KS

Help reduce thatch build-up, relieve soil compaction and improve overall watering & fertilizer efficiency with an aeration of your Prairie Village, KS lawn.

Overseeding Lawn Prairie Village, KS

Overseeding your Prairie Village, KS lawn every few years will help thicken and replenish your turf. A denser, healthier lawn will help reduce weed pressure throughout the growing season.

Overseeding can be done with either an aeration of the lawn, a verticut of the lawn or both.

Lawn Insect Control Prairie Village, KS

Eliminate unwanted pests from your Prairie Village, KS lawn with an insect control treatment.

Lawn pests can damage turf and ruin your outdoor fun. Let us help keep your outdoor space enjoyable this season.

Lawn Disease Control Prairie Village, KS

Reduce the chances of damaging disease pressure to your Prairie Village, KS lawn with fungicide applications.

Disease is one of the most common reasons lawns thin out or become bare during the stressful summer months.

Landscape Bed Weed Prevention Prairie Village, KS

Let us help reduce the amount of unwanted weeds in your Prairie Village, KS landscape beds.

We use a professional grade pre-emergent 3 times a year and spot treat for any existing weeds on each visit.

Lawn Care Services in Prairie Village, KS

Bison Lawns is a locally owned and operated lawn care company who provides lawn care services to residents of Prairie Village in Johnson County, Kansas.

Lawn Care in Prairie Village, KS

Bison Lawns Benefits

  • Complimentary lawn evaluation with each program. We will pull soil plugs to examine thatch build-up and soil content. We will also evaluate micro-climate issues such as sun or shade exposure and tree issues. Based on our findings and your predominant grass variety, we will tailor your lawn care program by using products that will most benefit your lawn.

  • Complimentary service calls in between applications.

  • Access to your Turf Specialists' contact information. Should you have any questions or concerns regarding your lawn, you may reach out to them directly 7 days a week. Prompt, honest & knowledgeable answers will be what you will come to expect from our team members.

  • 24/7 access to your account through our website where you can view past service notes, request additional services or manage your invoices.

  • Access to our monthly newsletter with tips and techniques for you as a homeowner to follow in between applications based on the season.

  • Access to special alert emails regarding potential disease, insect or weather conditions.

  • Access to all aeration and overseeding services.

  • Access to all extra services Bison Lawns provides such as insect & disease control or soil amendments & conditioners.

Lawn Fertilization & Weed Control in Prairie Village, KS

Contact us today to get the lawn you've always wanted in Prairie Village, KS!

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