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Perimeter Pest Control

Let us help keep your family safe and nuisance pests such as spiders, beetles and ants out of your home with our Perimeter Pest Control Program!

Perimeter Pest Control Program

Our Perimeter Pest Control Program consists of 4 treatments during the year. These treatments are done in April, June, August & October.

A professional grade insecticide will be applied around the foundation of your home and along entry level doors and windows. Existing spider webs will be swept for in these areas as well.

*All treatments will be to the exterior of your home. We do not enter the house for applications.

Perimeter Pest Control Johnson County, KS
Keeping Pests at Bay

You can do your part to help keep insects from entering your home by following the below practices:

  • Eliminate insect nesting areas by keeping landscape plants around the home from becoming overgrown and by removing fallen leaves and other organic matter from these areas.

  • Keep trash and food sources away from the foundation of the home so these do not attract ants and other insects.

  • Reduce entry points for insects by repairing any visible holes or gaps to the outside and making sure your garage doors shut completely.

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