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Soil Test Johnson County, KS

Soil Analysis

Over time the pH level in your soil can become unbalanced causing an unfavorable environment for your lawn to grow in.

Performing a soil analysis will help us determine if your soil is lacking essential nutrients or if the pH level needs to be adjusted. 

Soil Testing

If your lawn struggles to maintain good color or fails to thrive in certain areas, the pH level in the soil may be out of balance.

In older neighborhoods, a build-up of excess tree debris and other organic matter can cause the soil to become acidic. This is most observed in lawns with large oak trees. A Lime Soil Amendment application will help raise the pH level in this instance.

Alkaline soils are often observed in new housing developments as nutrient rich topsoil is removed prior to laying sod. Construction materials can also leach into the soil, elevating the pH level. Alkaline soils restrict the availability of iron to your lawn causing yellowing of the grass blades. A Sulfur Soil Amendment regime will help lower the pH level.

Before applying any of these soil amendments it is very important to perform a soil test to determine if an application is necessary. Also, if applying these products yourself, make sure to read the label thoroughly to not damage your existing turf. For instance, applying too much sulfur at once can burn your lawn.

Soil Test Johnson County, KS

Our soil testing service will provide you with a detailed breakdown of your lawns current pH level as well as other macro & micro nutrient levels such as Phosphorus, Potassium, Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, etc.

Based on the results of your soil test we can adjust your program to provide the lawn with proper nutrients or add additional applications to adjust the pH level in the soil.

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