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Lawn Fertilization & Weed Control in Johnson County, KS

Bison Luxury Package

This package will provide you with a worry free lawn all year with superior fertilization and weed control plus extended protection against disease.

Access to 25% off any overseeding or extra service provided by Bison Lawns!

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Lawn Fertilization & Weed Control in  Johnson County KS

The Bison Luxury Package

1.  Early Spring Pre-Emergent, Fertilization & Weed Control

  • Designed to help your lawn come out of dormancy​ as well as prevent annual grassy weeds such as crabgrass & foxtail from becoming a problem in your lawn. We will also treat for any broadleaf weeds such as dandelions, clover & chickweed.

2.  Late Spring Pre-Emergent, Fertilization & Weed Control​

  • ​Extends protection against annual grassy weeds and broadleaf weeds. We use a combination of quick and slow release fertilizers plus micro-nutrients to help enrich your soil.

3.  Early Summer Fertilization & Weed Control

  • This extended release fertilizer will help gradually feed the lawn over the summer months. We will treat for any broadleaf & grassy weeds or nutsedge.

4. Grub Control Treatment

  • This treatment is done on the same day as the Early Summer Fertilization application and will help protect your lawn against root feeding insects such as grubs.

5.  First Preventative Disease Control Application*​​​

  • We use a systematic fungicide to help control any existing disease in the lawn as well as protect the lawn from future disease for the next 3 to 4 weeks. This application will take place as conditions for disease begin to rise.​

6.  Mid-Season Treatment​

  • This treatment is what helps set Bison Lawns apart from all of its competitors. Your complimentary lawn evaluation will determine which product we use during this visit. We will also treat for any broadleaf & grassy weeds or nutsedge in the lawn. Examples of possible treatments include:

    • An organic, slow release fertilizer with iron to help increase microbe activity in the soil.​

    • A balanced, slow release, summer fertilizer with a micro-package.

    • An application designed to reduce the amount of thatch build up in the lawn and promote healthy microbe activity.

    • A moisture retention application to help increase water efficiency.

7.  Second Preventative Disease Control Application*​​

  • This application will take place 3 to 4 weeks after the First Preventative Disease Control Application to help extend protection further into the season.

8.  Late Summer Treatment*

  • As with the Mid-Season Treatment, this application will be based on your lawn evaluation. We will select which additional product will most benefit your lawn.

9.  Third Preventative Disease Control Application**​

  • The final preventative disease control application will take place 3 to 4 weeks after the previous application to provide maximum protection against lawn diseases.

10.  Early Fall Treatement

  • Fall is the most important time of the year to fertilize your lawn. This application is designed to help your lawn recover from the stresses of summer and provide it with proper nutrition during this vital time of the year. Any broadleaf weeds will be treated for.

11.  Late Fall Treatment​**

  • This additional round of fertilization in the fall will provide your lawn with superior color and store nutrition as it begins to go into dormancy.

12.  Winterizer Treatment​

  • This fertilizer application will help your lawn store much needed nutrients over the winter and provide for a quick green up next spring. Any broadleaf weeds will be treated for.​​

Additional Benefits

  • Complimentary Lawn Evaluation​​​

    • Before beginning your lawn care program we will perform a thorough examination of your lawn, soil and thatch to help determine which products will benefit your lawn the most.​

  • Complimentary Service Calls​

    • Should you have any questions or concerns regarding your lawn in between treatments you may contact us at any time. We will be happy to examine the issue and retreat any areas of concern if necessary.

  • Exclusive Membership Access​

    • As a Bison Lawns program member you will have access to all of our extra services such as aeration, overseeding, disease & insect protection plus many more.

    • You will have 24/7 access to your account through our website where you can view past visits, request additional services or manage invoices.

    • Access to our monthly newsletter providing tips for you as a homeowner to follow in between treatments such as proper mowing and watering techniques based on the season.

    • Email alerts concerning potential insect, disease or weather conditions you should be aware of.

    • Our refer-a-friend program will allow us to reward you for referring any friends or family. Both parties will receive the equivalent of one month free when your referral enrolls in a Bison Lawns program of their own.

  • Bison Luxury Package Discount**​

    • Access to 25% off all extra services.​

    • Access to 25% off any aeration or overseeding service.

*Available on both the Bison Leisure Package and the Bison Luxury Package.

**Available only on the Bison Luxury Package.

Lawn Care Johnson County, KS

If the Bison Luxury Package looks like the program for you and your lawn, click below for a personalized quote.

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