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Add-On Programs

Enhance your base package with one of our add-on programs!

Whether you need to reduce thatch build-up, protect your lawn against disease and drought or protect your family and pets from insects in the lawn, we have solutions to help.

Request a free lawn consultation to see if any of these options are right for you!

Lawn Fungicide Applications Johnson County, KS

Lawn Disease Prevention

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Protect your lawn and help keep it looking great throughout the summer when lawn disease issues are most prevalent.

This program includes three lawn disease prevention applications. Lawn disease is best controlled through preventative measures and proper cultural practices. Treatments will begin according to weather patterns and applied before prime lawn disease conditions arise.

Complimentary service calls are included if lawn disease issues arise in between applications.

Lawn Insect Prevention

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Protect your lawn, family and pets throughout the summer months with our Lawn Insect Prevention Program.

This program includes three lawn surface insect prevention applications made in June, July & August when insect activity is most prevalent in lawns.

Additional applications can be made upon request.

Lawn Insect Control in Johnson County, KS
Increase Watering Efficiency Johnson County, KS

Moisture Management Solutions

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Reduce your water bill and increase your watering efficiency with help from our Moisture Management Program. Extended periods of drought can wreck havoc on lawns especially if you don't have the luxury of an irrigation system.

This program includes three applications made in June, July & August when lawns require more moisture to thrive.

These applications will also improve fertilizer efficiency and increase seed germination in the fall.

Thatch Reduction Solutions

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Overtime a layer of thatch can build up between the soil and the crown of the grass plant. Thatch can harbor disease, insects and inhibit root development.

Our Thatch Reduction program includes 3 applications of beneficial bacteria and fungi designed to increase microbial activity and break down thatch naturally. These applications will also improve soil health, increase fertilizer efficiency and provide for a better environment for your lawn to grow in.

Enjoy 10% off any aeration service to further reduce thatch in your lawn.

Lawn Aeration in Johnson County, KS
Green Garden

Landscape Bed Weed Prevention

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Let us help reduce the amount of weeds in your landscape beds with our Bed Weed Prevention Program.

Our bed weed prevention program includes the application of a professional grade pre-emergent applied 3 times a year to your rock and mulch beds.


This will help stop various annual weed seeds that germinate at different times of the year. We will also spot treat existing weeds during each visit to your property.

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