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Improve Watering Efficiency Johnson County, KS

Moisture Management Solutions

Reduce your water bill and increase your watering efficiency by up to 50% with our Moisture Management Solutions.

Extended periods of heat and drought can wreck havoc on your lawn, especially if you don't have the luxury of an irrigation system.

Moisture Management Program

Our Moisture Management Program consists of 3 applications made in June, July & August when lawns are more vulnerable to drought stress.

Water is a precious resource and should be conserved when possible. These applications help make moisture in the soil more readily available for your lawns' root system to absorb and use. They also help distribute moisture and nutrients evenly through the root zone. This will help eliminate dry spots in your lawn, improve overall watering efficiency, improve nutrient uptake and increase seed germination.

Watering Lawn Johnson County, KS

Reducing thatch build-up can also improve your watering efficiency. Find out more about our thatch reduction solutions here.

If you are ready to lower your water bill and help create a healthier lawn, click below for a free quote!

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