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Thatch Reduction Solutions

Overtime a layer of thatch can build up in between the soil and your turf. This thatch layer can harbor insects, disease and trap essential nutrients. It can also stunt that growth of your root system causing it to become entangled in the thatch.

A shallow root system requires more water to thrive. Reducing your thatch build up will help free the lawn roots allowing them to dig deeper into the soil looking for water. A deeper, stronger root system will help your lawn withstand periods of heat and drought without the need to overwater.

Thatch Reduction Program

Our Thatch Reduction Program consists of 3 applications made in March, August & October.

These applications include the use of beneficial bacteria and fungi designed to increase healthy microbial activity in the soil, allowing thatch to break down naturally. They will also help improve fertilizer efficiency and improve overall soil conditions, creating a more favorable environment for your lawn to grow in.

Reduce Thatch in Lawn Johnson County, KS

A lawn "de-thatch" through mechanical methods such as an aeration or verticut is also highly effective.

Enjoy 10% off any lawn aeration service by enrolling in our Thatch Reduction Program!

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