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Soil Amendments Johnson County, KS

Soil Amendments

Achieving a great looking lawn starts with healthy soil. A well balanced fertilizer program will help provide essential nutrients to the soil for your lawn to use.

In some instances your lawn will need more than a great fertilization program to thrive. Unbalanced pH levels in the soil can create an unfavorable environment for your lawn to grow in. If you find areas of your lawn struggling with color or thinning out, it may be time for a soil test to determine if a soil amendment is necessary.

Lime Application

Lime applications are used to help neutralize acidity levels in your soil. Decaying organic matter and tree debris can cause your soil to become acidic over time. If you happen to live in a neighborhood with a lot of trees, especially large oak trees, and you find your lawn struggling with color or thinning out, it may benefit from a lime treatment.

It is always recommended to perform a soil test before applying lime to your lawn. A soil test will let you know if the issue is being caused by unbalanced pH levels. A soil test will also be able to tell you exactly how much lime is needed.

Adding too much lime to your lawn can swing your pH level in the other direction and cause it to become alkaline.

Late fall is the best time to apply any soil amendments such as lime to your lawn so the spring rains do not wash out the product before it has a chance to neutralize your soil.

Soil pH Johnson County, KS
Sulfur Application

Sulfur applications are used to help lower pH levels in your soil. Lawns in new housing developments are often found with high pH levels. Nutrient rich topsoil is usually stripped away before sod is installed. Construction materials can also leach into the soil further elevating the pH level.

A soil test should be performed before applying sulfur to your lawn. This will let you know if any areas of your lawn struggling with color are being caused by unbalanced pH levels. A soil test will also tell you how much sulfur is needed to correct the issue.

If applying sulfur to your lawn yourself it is very important to thoroughly read the label. Applying too much sulfur can burn your lawn.

It is recommended to spread pH correcting sulfur applications over several treatments applied in early spring and late fall. Applying sulfur when it is too hot out can also damage your lawn.

To request a soil test or find out more information, please click the link below.


Gypsum has many benefits for your lawn and is a great addition to any lawn fertilization program.

Gypsum will aid in displacing harmful salts in your soil by flushing them beneath the rootzone. This is most helpful in the clay soils we have here in the Kansas City area.

Gypsum will also add calcium to the soil for your lawn to use. Calcium will help strengthen your lawn and allow it to be more durable and resistant to heavy traffic.

To add a Gypsum Application to your lawn care package, please contact us!

Gypsum Treatment for Lawn Johnson County, KS

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