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Lawn Aeration in Johnson County, KS

Lawn Aeration Services

An aeration of your lawn will help reduce thatch build-up, relieve soil compaction and allow for better fertilizer & watering efficiency.

Overtime a layer of thatch can build up in between the soil and the crown of the grass plant. A thick thatch layer is very detrimental to the overall health of your lawn. It can tie up essential nutrients, reduce oxygen to the roots and harbor lawn damaging disease & insects. It can also stunt your root growth and reduce the effectiveness of our lawn applications.

Lawn Aeration Benefits Johnson County, KS

Relieving the compaction in your soil will encourage a deeper, more extensive root structure. It will also allow for more air flow to your grass roots, producing a healthier, thicker lawn.

To learn more about the benefits associated with an aeration of your lawn, check out our latest blog, Aerating Your Lawn.

Coupling an aeration with an overseeding in the fall will help bring new life to your lawn by thickening and replenishing it with more disease and drought resistant grass varieties.

For more information about overseeding your lawn, please click the link below.

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