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Lawn Mower Winterization Services Johnson County, KS

Lawn Mower Winterization

A well maintained mower will help keep your lawn looking good during the growing season and extend the life of your mower, saving you money on repair and replacement costs.

Lawn Mower Winterization

Our lawn mower winterization service includes the following steps:

  • Oil Change - Drain existing oil and add fresh oil to the engine.

  • New Spark Plug - Remove and replace old spark plug with a new one.

  • New Air Filter - Remove and replace old air filter with a new one.

  • Sharpen Blade - Dull lawn mower blades rip and tear the grass. This can lead to a "white effect" appearance and leave your lawn more vulnerable to disease issues.

  • Add Fuel Stabilizer - Add gas with fuel stabilizer to help keep the carburetor from getting clogged while in winter storage.

  • Adjust Mowing Height - Raise or lower mowing height to recommended level.

  • Wash Mower - Clean and wash mower, including built up grass under the deck.

  • Free Pick-Up & Delivery - Your lawn mower will be picked up from your home and returned, ready to go for the season.

Lawn Mower Winterization Service Olathe, KS

Lawn mower winterization services do not include repairs. If you suspect your mower needs something other than regular maintenance, please take it to a small engine repair shop.

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