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Landscape Weed Prevention Johnson County, KS

Landscape Weed Prevention

Let us help you keep your landscape beds weed free this season with our Landscape Bed Weed Prevention Program!

Reducing the amount of weeds in your landscape beds will help limit the possibility of weeds finding their way into your lawn.

Landscape Bed Weed Prevention Program

We will apply a professional grade pre-emergent to your mulch and rock beds 3 times during the growing season and spot treat for any existing weeds on each visit to your property.


Unlike other lawn care companies who only apply pre-emergent at the beginning of the year or when mulch is installed, our applications will be made throughout the year to help guard against various annual weeds that germinate at different soil temperatures and at different times of the season. This will offer you maximum protection against weed germination in your landscape beds.

Landscape Bed Weed Prevention Johnson County, KS

The use of landscape bed pre-emergents drastically reduces the amount of weeds in your beds. However, applying this product to bare ground or thin mulch will not produce desired results since there is no competition for the weeds.

Refreshing your landscape beds with mulch each year or adding a weed barrier to your rock beds during installation are best practices when it comes to reducing weed pressure in these areas.

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