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Lawn Fertilization & Weed Control in Johnson County, KS

Extra Services

Bison Lawns offers an array of extra services to help protect and enhance your lawn throughout the season.

Whether you need to overseed your lawn, keep pests at bay or create a more favorable environment for your grass to grow in, we are here to help.

Bison Lawns Johnson County, KS
Lawn Aeration in Johnson County, KS

Help reduce thatch build-up, relieve soil compaction and improve overall watering & fertilizer efficiency with an aeration of the lawn.

Coupling an aeration with an overseeding in the fall will help thicken & replenish your lawn.

Overseeding Lawn Johnson County, KS

Overseeding your lawn every few years will help introduce more drought and disease resistant varieties of grass to your lawn.

Overseeding can be done with an aeration of the lawn, a verticut of the lawn or both!

Lawn Insect Control Johnson County, KS

Eliminate unwanted pests from your lawn with an insect control treatment.

Lawn pests can damage turf and ruin your outdoor fun. Let us help keep your outdoor space enjoyable this season.

Lawn Disease Control Johnson County, KS

Reduce the chances of lawn damaging disease pressure with fungicide applications.

Disease is one of the most common reasons lawns thin out or become bare during the stressful summer months.

Increase Watering Efficiency Johnson County, KS

Improve watering efficiency, eliminate dry spots and reduce thatch build up with our Moisture Management Applications.

The use of moisture management products and thatch reducers will help improve root structure and overall lawn health.

Soil Test Johnson County, KS

Unsure what your lawn needs? We can perform a soil analysis to see if your soil is lacking essential nutrients or if your pH level is unbalanced.

Based on the results we can tailor your lawn treatment program to get your soil back on track.

Gypsum Treatment for Lawn Johnson County, KS

Overtime the pH level of your soil can become unbalanced causing an unfavorable environment for your lawn to grow in.

Help correct the pH level or condition the soil with a lime, sulfur or gypsum application.

Landscape Bed Weed Prevention Johnson County, KS

Let us help you reduce the amount of weeds in your mulch or rock landscape beds.

Limiting the amount of weeds in your landscape beds will reduce the chances of them finding their way into your lawn.

Thatch in lawn Olathe, KS

Excess thatch build up can harbor insects, disease, trap essential nutrients and stunt your lawns' root system.

Our thatch reduction applications will help increase healthy microbial activity in your soil, allowing thatch to break down naturally.

Lawn Mower Winterization Johnson County, KS.webp

Regular maintenance of your lawn mower will help keep it going strong during the growing season.

We will pick up your mower, change the oil, spark plug, air filter, sharpen the blade and return it to you in time for the first mow of the year.

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